Oak and Gorski – Sounds Like Love (Lyric Video + MP3)
“Sounds Like Love” is Oak and Gorski’s latest single, showcasing their pop-rock sound and highly enjoyable melodies (and David Immergluck of Counting Crows on electric guitar) –> read full article

A Songwriter’s Story: Oak & Gorski, “Sounds Like Love”
It was a few months since the release of our last EP. Ed and I were on a somewhat regimented writing schedule, making a conscious effort to write songs with more of a “pop” appeal. –> read full article

Album Review: Oak And Gorski Rock The Cello On Love Destroyer EP
Self-described “cello rock” duo Oak and Gorski’s new five-song EP Love Destroyer is just the thing for a quiet day in December. The lovely pop-rock melodies have a hushed quality and a lucid stillness that imparts wintry calm. Their formula of country folk and chamber pop is in effect here and the two flavors collide with easy charm. –> read full article

Oak & Gorski “If I Could Tell You” (IRR Premiere)
You know that old saying “The Devil is in the details”, well you’d think that would apply to Oak & Gorski’s new single “If I Could Tell You”, but there is something so inherently good about this song that the Devil just couldn’t be involved. –> read full article

“Destroyer” Inspires an Indestructible Love
Together, the two have taken cello rock to an entirely different level, blending the classical melancholy of the cello with the soulful strings of the guitar to produce music that is simultaneously haunting and catchy. –> read full article

Oak and Gorski – New EP and release show
Bow and pick in hand, Ken Oak and Ed Gorski are returning from their tour overseas in Japan and Singapore, ready to play some new material. Their music is referred to as “cello rock”, with a hint of folk added to a universal pop-rock sound comparable to bands like Augustana or Deathcab. –> read full article

Cello-rock duo Oak and Gorski combine symphonic, acoustic sounds for a signature brand in L.A.
The city of Santa Monica is many things to many people: To some, it is a playground for the super wealthy; Jack’s Mannequin deemed it home to a freak show. But cello rock duo Oak and Gorski could call the shopping center and tourist-magnet Third Street Promenade home, while many of its regulars could call its music the soundtrack to the city. –> read full article

CD Review: Oak and Gorski, “Good Advice, Bad Advice”
Take the rootsy instrumentation of Lowen & Navarro and blend it with the marshmallow-sweet vocal harmonies of the Guggenheim Grotto, and you’ve got yourself Oak and Gorski, the cello-rockin’ duo made up of former Ken Oak Band members Ed Gorski and (duh) Ken Oak. –> read full article

Review: Good Advice, Bad Advice
To me a cello is usually only useful for string quartets or to herald the sinking of the Titanic. Until I listened to Oak and Gorski. From light sweeps over the strings to heavier strokes of the bow, the cello provides a unique sound that ties Oak and Gorski’s blend of classical, country, rock and indie together so well. –> read full article

Billboard Magazine
With an acoustic setup based around a folk guitar, soulful cello work and calming lyrics, the band landed a spot on the March soundtrack to “She’s the Man,” which featured an instrumental cut of the act’s song “Inda.” –> read full article

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  1. Jenny says:

    Saw you guys playing last night at downtown Disney w my 7 year old- would have totally bought a cd but had no $ on us – I’ll have to order online 🙂 anyway …. Was so bl

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