Up In the Woods In the San Bernadines….

We spent a few days last week at a cabin up in the San Bernardino mountains. It was a magical time of writing, relaxing and exploring. The area was apparently a favorite spot for Jim Morrison and we were definitely feeling some creative vibes! The highlight vid above includes clips of some new songs we were working on, the potbelly stove we used to stay warm, and some fierce Jenga battles… there’s also a bonus clip of the best costume we saw at Downtown Disney this year. Check it out!

Big Thanks to Greg and Anna for offering up their lovely cabin to two mangy boys from LA!

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One Response to Up In the Woods In the San Bernadines….

  1. Sina Toby says:

    Great clip! Aw woo woo woo woooo woooo. I love listening to a song ‘being built’ – loop over loop – as the part of the video – pot belly stove – looking into the fire and hearing how aww woo sounds with the loops. That’s talent. Cello love.

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