Help the Shirai Family!

"The Shirais"

L-R: Ryu, Von, Yoshi, Ken, Ed, Yuko, Kyoko, Eriko

The picture above was taken on March 14, 2011, the morning we left Japan for America.

The family you see us with are the Shirais, our host family in Japan. They generously flew us out to Japan, housed us at their home in Koriyama, booked our shows in northern Honshu, and travelled with us on our tour. We had been staying with them for nearly three weeks when the massive earthquake struck on Friday March 11. We decided to flee the impending nuclear crisis and drove to the mountain town of Nikko that evening. We stayed there through the weekend, fearfully watching the problems at the Fukushima reactors continue to unfold. On Monday morning, Ryu and Kyoko bravely drove us to Narita airport to catch our flight back to America. It was a difficult parting since we knew that conditions in Japan were going to worsen. The Shirais are still in Japan, driving as far from their home in Fukushima as possible. They have expressed a desire to flee the situation and come to America. We would like to help them in any way possible. Please consider donating to help them leave Japan, which is currently in a state of nuclear crisis. They are like family to us.

100% of proceeds will go to the Shirais. Thank you for your generosity in this difficult time.

Help the Shirai Family!

Domo Arigatou,

Ken & Ed

Donate $10 or more and we will email you an mp3 of our unreleased cover of True Faith by New Order

UPDATE: As of March 26, we have raised $2,416.83 USD thanks to your generosity. Domo Arigatou, from the bottom of our hearts. Please keep spreading the word!


March 26, 2011

(A message that our dear friend Yuko Shirai sent to us and asked us to forward on to all those who have donated. Thank you from all of us!)

Hi Ken and Ed and my dearest friends!!
Thank you very much for your kind heart to donate us.
It is already 2 weeks after we left our house.
On our way to escape from the nuclear accident.
One family, let us stay in their house and feed us even we don’t know each other before.
We met many beautiful people on the way.
We could get here because of many people’s help.
Today, we got one small house In Shimane prif.
One kind house owner let us use their second house.
It is in front of our host family Oonishi san’s house.
We 16 people are so lucky.
But many people in my home town still live under the dangerous situation.
Everyday they live with fear about the radiation from the nuclear plant.
They don’t have enough food, enough water, enough gas ,etc,,,,
We really appreciate you all to donate us.
We promise we will use the money in a good way.
We will share with the people as possible as we can.
Thank you again and please keep praying for Japan.
Love you all!!!!

Yuko Shirai


March 17, 2011
Skyped with the Shirais at a rest stop near Kyoto. They are doing OK.

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2 Responses to Help the Shirai Family!

  1. Jen says:

    /donated! Good to see relief funds actually being used to relieve the afflicted!

  2. Jiro Tanaka says:

    Hi Ken,
    Thanks for putting this effort together. Glad to help out in small ways. And glad to hear you guys are back safe. -Jiro

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