Singapore Update

Hey guys,

We’ve been in Singapore for five days now and are having a grand olde time. Just wanted to share what we’ve been up to so far. Enjoy…..

after an 11 hour plane ride from LAX, we arrived at tokyo narita airport

this was ed's first time in asia, and outside the continental US. he was trippin out a little bit.

after another 7 hour flight, we arrived in singapore. this is where we are staying.

the staircase we walk up everytime we get home. at the top is an air-conditioned lobby.

how we start the day. the complimentary breakfast at emily hill is pretty badass.

after wandering around aimlessly for a bit, we ended up in little india. here are some of the latest fashions.

an indian temple

after a quick shower, we took a cab to TAB, the site of our week-long residency

the TAB stage

VIP area and bar upstairs

six months young, TAB is one of the nicest venues we have played. keith tan and co. have done an amazing job setting up the place with quite an extraordinary vision.

hor fun with chicken, my new favorite dish

the local staple. chicken and rice. so good.

ed has been off the smokes for almost a week now. proud of him.

ed leaves parliament, freed from drug charges. kidding. btw, using/dealing drugs in singapore can result in caning and/or hanging. don't do it, kids.

took a stroll thru the pubs by the esplanade. reminded me of england.


frogs awaiting certain doom. i had an impulse to free them. too many pixar movies.

53A performing at TAB on our second night.

day 3. took the MRT down to sentosa, a nearby island.

possibly the nicest beach we've been to. we weren't used to water that isn't freezing (i.e. santa monica, venice)

Aslan! or rather, the merlion, singapore's mascot of sorts. the locals seem to have mixed feelings about the fictional creature.

ed's new friend

we're working... really!

Four more nights til we leave. Very excited to play with An Horse tonight.

Stay tuned for more…


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3 Responses to Singapore Update

  1. Emily says:

    Thanks for sharing those pics!

  2. Joey says:

    Hi Ken, not sure if Analog Girl is the song I like.. going back TAB again tonight to confirm my liking =)

    Anyway, funny captions in the eyes of a Singaporean. haha. There’re so many more local delicacies to try out! Laksa and Char Kway Teow are MUST have! Satisfaction guaranteed, if not, full money back return (from the stall owners).

  3. Hana says:

    Hi Ken and Ed,

    You guys were great and it was nice meeting you.

    I was at TAB to support my friend Nicole who sang in between your first and second set. Never heard of you guys before tonight so I’m really glad I was there to witness the Oak and Gorski music magic unfold!

    Hope you guys come back to Singapore again soon? Maybe Ed won’t be so trippy the next time having been to Asia once before?

    In any case, I’m just happy my Sunday evening was filled with good music and now, having bought your album, seems my Monday will be filled with great music too.

    An accidental fan,

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