We’re in Asia!

Singapore, to be exact. Just landed a few hours ago and are about to get some serious sleep after 18 hours on two planes. We were tripping out for a minute during our layover at Tokyo Narita Airport.

“Dude…. we’re in Japan.”

*jetlagged, bleary-eyed silence as we take in the sights*

We’re super excited to share our music with the people out here. Hope people dig the cello rock sounds from America. If you have friends in Singapore or Japan, tell them to come out!

10/12/10, Singapore, TAB 8pm
10/13/10, Singapore, TAB 8pm
10/14/10, Singapore, TAB 8pm
10/15/10, Singapore, TAB 8pm
10/16/10, Singapore, TAB 8pm
10/17/10, Singapore, TAB 8pm

Check out the TAB site for more info

Saturday, 23/10/2010
Ueno “Sea-Garage”
open19:00 start19:30

Sunday, 24/10/2010
Nisiazabu “Sweet Emotion”
open17:00 start18:00

Tuesday, 26/10/2010
Saturday, 30/10/2010
Koriyama “Monks”
open19:30 start20:00

Wednesday, 27/10/2010
Koriyama “La Pausa”
open16:00 start19:30

Friday, 29/10/2010
Fukushima “Re Acoustic”
open19:00 start19:30

Questions about Japan shows: TEL 09013703358

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