Hey, it’s Ken

So, we’ve finally set up our WordPress site. Exciting times.

For those of you who are new to our band, we are a cello-guitar duo based in Los Angeles. In the banner above, I’m the guy on the left. Ed Gorski is on the right. I don’t remember us standing that close together during the photoshoot, so I’m assuming that Ed did some photoshopping. He’s pretty good with that scissor tool, I must admit.

Ed and I have been playing together for almost six years now. We’ve released three albums (two as a duo) and in all likelihood have played close to a thousand shows together if not more. I read somewhere that most of the great bands of yesteryear spent at least 10,000 hours perfecting their craft, often unknowingly (e.g. the Beatles’ early tenure in a strip club). If this is the case, I suspect that our time may be soon approaching.

And now for a photo.

ken's cellos

These are my babies. I’d like to say I have endearing names for them like Lucinda or Charlotte, but the truth is I’ve never related to instruments that way.

The cello on the left was a gift from my mother a few years ago. It was built in 1900 in Germany. The string shop where I purchased it knew of its city of origin, but unlike the other cellos I tried they did not know of the maker, and it is missing the tag inside that almost every cello has. They also told me that it was the first cello of a professional cellist from last century but wouldn’t tell me her name, for reasons of confidentiality. I’ve always been intrigued by this air of mystery about it.

I’ve had the cello on the right since I was a freshman in high school, I think. I have literally beaten that thing to death, and on a few frustrated occasions I have been tempted to smash it to pieces. (Thankfully, I never did.) The wood is worn away on one side from being placed on the street so many times, and the parts of it where my hands often rest are permanently discolored.

I guess you could say it’s like that friend that you keep getting in fights with but can’t stand to be without. Which is why it is going to be so difficult to part with it if someone actually buys it our upcoming Kickstarter fundraiser.

More to come…

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2 Responses to Hey, it’s Ken

  1. mary beth says:

    I first heard your sound driving home late one summer night on Rice University Radio – Summer’s Kiss was playing- and I knew you would become one of my favorite bands. I got to see you play here in Houston that next October at a little teahouse, it was awesome in that intimate settting. You mentioned at that show that you wrote that song while you were here – it certainly evoked a familiar ambience to me of twilight over Galveston Bay on an August evening. Your lyrics “Sun came rising like a fine-aged wine” were so beauitful and illustrative, and it totally drew me in to the song, the story it told.

    I was curious about what you played, your instruments seemed to have an echo to them. I love period insturments and I felt like you had something that was vintage. Anyway, your music is great, keep it coming!!!

  2. oakandgorski says:

    Hey Mary Beth,

    Thanks for the response! I remember when KTRU was playing Vienna to Venice for a while. It’s great to hear that someone was listening! Galveston brings back a lot of memories from my childhood. From playing there with my sister in the oily water (not much has changed since the 80’s, eh?) to walks I would take with my mom where we’d talk about God. That will always be a special place to me.

    Really glad you were able to catch us at the Teahouse. Hope to see you next time we come through!


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